Projects & Concepts

Would you like to develop a concept and/or project in the field of art and urban renewal?

I can help you with the following subjects: strong line, creative, impulse, art, designed space, man, green space, smart city, open data, public space, sports, people in motion, health, mobility, participation, workshop for the future, facilitation, intercultural, conflict management, youth, age.

Upon request, we will develop a project together. We will meet and discuss what you need, develop ideas and decide if you want to implement the project with me.

Examples of projects I’ve realized:

  • Curator of AGORA MARKET BIENNALE 2009-2015

  • Fair Kids in Progress 2008-2016

AGORA Marktbiennale on Vorgartenmarkt in 2nd district of Vienna, Project ‘Forgartenmarkt’